Roland Aira TB-3 Editor for iPad "EFX.Remote-iOS"

Roland Aira TB-3 Editor for iPad "EFX.Remote-iOS"
Roland Aira TB-3 Editor for iPad "EFX.Remote-iOS"

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DinSync RE-303 Bassline for NI Kontakt

The "RE-303 Sample Instrument" is based on DinSync RE-303

samples from Cutoff, Resonance, ENV Mod and Accent settings.

This gives you the original sound with the distinctive chirping of

the TB-303. 

Also the "mono mode" and "portamento" are implanted, so that

the notes can "glide" as it is typical for the TB-303 sequences.


The "RE-303 Sample Instrument" is compatible with NI Kontakt

version 5.5.3 and higher.


All controllers have "Midi learn" and can be assigned to a

hardware controller.


You can use it in the NI Kontakt Player (Free) or in NI Kontakt

on PC and Mac as VST, AU and Standalone.


The "DinSync RE-303" is a replica of the "Roland TB-303 Bassline".

Roland Aira TB-3 Editor for iPad "EFX.Remote-iOS"

The "EFX.Remote-iOS" editor for "Roland TB-3 Touch Bassline" in iPad.

- Multitouch operation
- Fast operation
- Easy  sound-change
- Livesets compatible



  1) Remote and edit the effectsection off Roland TB-3.


  2) You need an midi interface (or for example the iPad-App "MidiMux")to remote the TB-3 and theTB-3 System Update Version 1.1

TB-3 Midi Editor for iPhone

"EFX.Remote-iOS" TB-3 Midi Editor" for iPad + "TB-3 Midi Editor" for iPhone


In the E-Mail after Payment.




---Requires the iPad-App "TB Midi Stuff"----


I will sell the editor template only when "TB Midi Stuff" has got an update that runs on the new iOS for sure. (January 2022)

(including credit card, debit card, and bank transfer)


VST PC+ Mac Version!

"TR-8 EFX.Remote", Midi Editor for Roland TR-8 Rhythem Performer:



Ableton Live iPad Editor

Ableton Live Midi Controller for iPad:


With the "Ableton Live iPad Editor" you can control "Ableton Live", on  PC or Mac. The user interface is like Ableton Live.


With the "Ableton Live iPad Editor" you can control the scenes, volume, sends, recording etc.

Or you switch to the step sequencer where you can edit tracks or make new tracks.